About Me

Henry Baker has 22 years of experience as a pharmacist. As someone who believes strongly in the value of America’s pharmacies being managed by individuals who are both passionate, experienced, and well-trained, HowToBecomeAPharmacist.org was created to further the public’s understanding of how to become a pharmacist or pharmaceutical professional.

In my years of practice I have been asked hundreds of times by individuals (usually teens or parents of teens) how early in their educational career they need to start making choices that will allow them to perhaps become a pharmacist themselves. My answer is always… “Start today by making the grades and the smart choices you need to allow that to be an option for you.” But the truth remains that unless you are the relative of a pharmacist, the process of becoming a pharmacist is often not clear until its too late for you to become a pharmacist.

This website aims to be a single resource that I and other pharmacists can point to, in order to explain to students what formal and informal steps they need to take to become a pharmacist. In addition, this site will provide an unvarnished opinion about whether becoming a pharmacist is a good career choice, the positives and negatives, pay, etc.

If you have any comments or questions, email me at Contact (@) howtobecomeapharmacist (dot) org.